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I put some of my most useful lesson plans together in a web site, in case that Italian teachers around the world are looking for ideas for their classes.  Some activities are based on exercises from textbooks, some others are created to enlarge a topic that's been taught in class.  Although most of the activities are for Italian classes, some might be applied to other foreign languages.  Also, I will be posting news and more activities in the section “My posts”.  I will be happy to include helpful suggestions coming from foreign language teachers.  If you’d like to share a useful activity, contact me and I will gladly publish it.


AP Italian: Essere bilingue.

Does being bilingual help in life?  What are its advantages? How does the brain work when it switches from one language to the other?  Are there any funny translations that occur when translating from language one to language two?  We discussed of these topics with my AP students.




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